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Horizon Oncology Expands Patient Services with Integrated Care Management Program

July 18, 2022

Horizon Oncology & Research Center is excited to continue serving patients in the Lafayette community through our robust patient services program, VerdiCares. Within that program, we are introducing Care Management services, a support service that provides an integrated approach to treatment and overall well-being for our patients. Our goal is always simple: to treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Introducing Care Management

Our Care Management program empowers you to be more engaged in managing your disease every step of the way. By facilitating understanding among members of your care team, it’s easier for you to access resources and receive the care you need.

The Care Management program provides proactive, coordinated support services for you and your family when you need them most. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your unique needs, streamlining various support services, including access to healthcare providers and wellness resources.

Cancer Care Management - Horizon Oncology

Expanding Access to Coordinated Support Services

Through this program, your providers continue to be involved in your health management, delivering coordinated care and personalized attention. At little to no additional cost, access to Care Management addresses your full range of health needs, prevents unnecessary office or hospital visits, and helps you navigate your treatment journey.

A Trusted Leader in Exceptional Care

Horizon Oncology & Research Center offers a wide range of comprehensive cancer services. We’re committed to ensuring that all our patients feel cared for and respected. Through advanced treatment options and cutting-edge clinical trial opportunities, we provide high-quality care while maintaining a level of professionalism that empowers our patients.

Our expert clinical team supports our goal of growing the Verdi network by expanding access to patient services, so we can connect you with and provide the best possible care.

Interested in Care Management Services?

For information about eligibility and enrollment in our Care Management program, contact our Care Coordinator through the patient portal or by phone at (972) 354-1788.

We look forward to connecting you with the care you need!