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The Importance of Regular Checkups in Blood Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis, of course, is always frightening. But, in many cases, cancers are entirely treatable. That’s particularly true when doctors detect cancers before they spread and before symptoms worsen. When it comes to blood cancer, regular doctor visits are…

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Managing Chronic Pain and Appetite Loss in Appendix Cancer Patients

Also called appendiceal cancer, appendix cancer affects about one or two people per million. People need to know how to help themselves or a loved one with this type of cancer.   Common Effects of Appendix Cancer   Bloating, indigestion,…

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Identifying Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer and When to Seek Help

Skin cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth in your skin tissues. This can happen when something changes how your skin cells normally grow, such as exposure to ultraviolet light. Like other types of cancer, it requires a…

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The Role of Community Oncology in Bladder Cancer Treatment and Support

What Is Community Oncology?   Community oncology describes private, physician-owned, independent oncology practices found in urban, suburban, and rural areas all over America. These clinics are not part of a teaching institution or hospital and can vary in size and…

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The Emotional Impact of Testicular Cancer

Cancer can occur anywhere in the body when your cells stop performing normally. The body gets rid of old or abnormal cells in the typical process. However, cancer produces excessive cells, preventing the old ones from dying. In addition, cancer…

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The Latest Advances in Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer is one of the deadliest cancers you may have to face. But new technology leads to new treatments and improved patient care. Keep reading to learn more about the new colon cancer treatments.   Latest Colon Cancer Treatment…

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