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What Are Carcinogens?

It’s natural to worry about the potential hazards of the substances in the environment — especially those that cause cancer. Genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures can play a role in developing cancer. Still, it’s hard to pinpoint why one…

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7 Cancer Warning Signs

As with any disease or illness, the earlier treatment begins, the better the chance of full recovery. In many ways, this is no truer than when speaking of cancer. Some examples of early-stage cancer symptoms can include fever, abnormal lung…

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What Are Clinical Trials?

You’ve probably heard the term “clinical trial” before, but you may not know what it is or if it’s an option for you. Clinical research is a type of medical research aimed at helping people who have been diagnosed with…

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What to Expect at Your First Oncology Appointment

If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions that it’s hard to prepare for your first visit to the oncologist. Understanding your cancer prognosis is the first step to finding the right treatment options.…

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Improving Oncology Care Through the Patient Experience

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, a new oncology care model is helping practices improve the patient experience and provide better cancer care. It includes all the latest medical technology, but there’s also an emphasis…

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How Cancer Affects the Family

While a cancer diagnosis significantly impacts the patient’s life, it’s essential to acknowledge that their loved ones will also be affected. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you and those close to you need to understand better how the disease…

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