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How Do I Tell Loved Ones About My Cancer Diagnosis?

Each person responds to a cancer diagnosis differently. While some people are committed to remaining positive while adjusting to life with cancer, others feel shattered and even angry. Regardless of your reaction to the diagnosis, the critical matter of announcing…

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Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment

What is immunotherapy? Does this treatment modality have the potential to restore your health? Every day, cancer immunology specialists create treatments that help your immune system work harder to attack cancer cells effectively. Making informed decisions about cancer immunotherapy as…

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Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Living with cancer can take as much of a toll on one’s mental health as it does their physical health, according to many of the roughly 1.6 million people diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. There are many reasons…

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What Is Chronic Care Management?

The healthcare system has dramatically improved its ability to handle acute illnesses. Bringing successful patient outcomes to emergencies and short-term diseases means that people live longer. However, this longer lifespan increases the chance that someone will eventually encounter a chronic…

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Understanding Types of Cancer Treatment

Whether you’re a patient, a friend or family member, or an oncologist, the fight against cancer will change your life. It’s natural to feel despair at times, but there’s reason to hope. Today’s cancer treatment options are more promising than…

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The Importance of Cancer Prevention Research

Cancer prevention research is extremely integral in the oncology field. Over the years, oncology research has allowed scientists to learn about cancer’s onset, growth, and treatment. Because of this knowledge, doctors have discovered better prevention methods and targeted treatments.  The…

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