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What is Cancer and How Does it Develop?

Cancer is when certain cells inside the body start to grow uncontrollably. This uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells can develop pretty much anywhere in the body, including in the blood. Cancer can affect people of all ages. However, it’s more…

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How Lung Cancer Awareness Helps Reduce Risk

Did you know that lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide? At Horizon Oncology, we believe lung cancer awareness is necessary for lung cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment. Learn more about preventing lung cancer…

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Vulnerability in Brain Tumors Informs New Treatments

Receiving a brain tumor diagnosis is a stressful and often scary experience. However, treatments are available for the many types of brain tumors. The treatment options have evolved considerably over the years, and medical breakthroughs have decreased the mortality rate.…

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The Benefits of Community-Based Clinical Trials

Approximately 10 million people died of cancer worldwide in 2021, with 600,000 deaths occurring in the United States. More research on cancer tumors needs to be done to reduce the number of people diagnosed with cancer. Additionally, patients must be…

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Why Is Chronic Care Management Important to Community Oncology?

A well-organized chronic care management program has become necessary for helping patients achieve better outcomes with their oncology care. Our care management models are ideal for keeping patients as active and stress-free as possible while expediting services and enhancing efficiency…

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Genomics Research and the Future of Cancer Prevention

Genomics and genetic cancer research are advancing quickly and helping researchers improve their understanding of cancer. The valuable data can help identify individual risks, which can help guide prevention efforts. Cancer genomics research also changes how cancer patients are treated…

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