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8 Strategies for Successfully Transitioning to Value-Based Care

The traditional fee-for-service model in the healthcare industry is slowly yielding to value-based programs. However, transitioning to value-based care is a slow and often challenging process that may take many years to successfully complete. As the future of oncology, the…

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5 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience

Most physicians, nurses, hospitals, and health insurance providers agree that patient experience plays a significant role in oncology care, positively impacting everyone involved. The patient experience refers to how patients perceive the care provided by a specific healthcare provider, medical…

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Verdi Oncology Research Website Provides List of Active Clinical Trials

Verdi Oncology has been invested in clinical research since its inception. Historically, medical advances have primarily come from research testing new treatments and medications. Unfortunately, many of the most cutting-edge treatments are not accessible to the patients who need them.…

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The Benefits of a Hybrid Telehealth Services Model

The healthcare sector is continually evolving, and more people are taking advantage of the hybrid telehealth services model when they need to schedule an appointment with their physician. This shift began during COVID-19 lockdowns and has continued even though most…

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What Is Targeted Therapy and How Is It Used To Treat Cancer?

Although it’s still in its early stages, targeted therapy for cancer has revitalized hope for a true “cure for cancer” in the medical community. Judah Folkman, an American medical scientist specializing in angiogenesis, proposed the idea of an angiogenesis inhibitor…

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7 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist Before Cancer Treatment

Receiving a cancer diagnosis comes with an overload of information for patients. Trying to process a new reality feels overwhelming, and learning new terms and treatment information takes time. An effective way to learn is to create a list of…

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