Helpful links about cancer and oncological care from other medical resources.


Living With Cancer Pt 1

Living with Cancer: Physical Health In addition to maintaining your mental and emotional health after receiving a cancer diagnosis [link to Emotional Health post], you will also want to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. Depending on your specific situation, this…

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Cancer Remission

It’s the word that every person who is battling cancer wants to hear their doctor say — remission. But what does remission mean? Are you cured? Could the cancer still come back? Let’s walk step-by-step through these questions and unpack…

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7 Warning Signs of Cancer

Certain symptoms can signal disease, illness, or injury. Early stage cancer symptoms can include fever, abnormal lung sounds, or rapid breathing. Symptoms of this nature can be felt by the person experiencing them while being noticable to health care professionals…

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Cancer Support Groups

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may find joining a cancer support group to be beneficial for your journey. Support groups are designed to connect you with others who are dealing with similar…

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